Representation of Title Insurers and Title Companies

Our Illinois debt relief firm has represented major title insurance and title companies for over 25 years. The firm handles all aspects of title litigation. It represents title insurers in bad faith and claims litigation, class actions and coverage disputes. It defends insureds on behalf of title insurers against all types of title claims and, because of its strong litigation skills, is especially well-suited to handle extraordinarily difficult claims. The firm represents title companies in every kind of litigation arising from its title and escrow functions including defending title companies against both contract and tort claims based on alleged mishandling of escrows.

The firm is frequently retained to assist in the investigation and analysis of complex and difficult title and coverage claims. The firm is particularly well-suited for this type of assignment because it combines knowledge of title insurance coverage law with its formidable litigation experience so that claims are handled to protect the interests of the insured while shielding the company from unwarranted litigation over its claims-handling practices.

As with every practice area, the firm’s attorneys pride themselves on their accessibility and responsiveness to clients. Our firm should be a first choice for any title company or title insurer requiring representation by California counsel in claims-handling and litigation against the companies and their insureds.

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