Environmental Overview

Our qualified’s Environmental Practice Group represents clients across the country in a wide array of environmental matters. Our practice encompasses adjudicative proceedings (from administrative proceedings to and through the federal Courts of Appeals), corporate and real estate transactions, (from multinational transactions to single facility transfers), and counseling on the avoidance or minimization of environmental liability. We represent clients before federal and state courts and regulatory agencies in connection with both government and private party suits, as well as negotiating innovative alternative agreements. Our lawyers develop plans for managing environmental liability, facilitating new project and product development, and structuring and supporting environmental management programs.

In all of our projects, we stress the importance of analyzing the technical and scientific issues, which invariably lie at the heart of environmental problems, as well as the importance of understanding our clients’ business objectives.

Our qualified’s Environmental Practice Group includes more than 25 lawyers, in all our offices, who work primarily on environmental matters. Our lawyers are active in bar associations and industry and civic groups and have taught, written, and spoken extensively on a wide range of environmental matters.

Representative Clients

The following represent clients for which we are currently or have recently provided legal NJ divorce services:

waste management issues. We also advise companies on compliance issues and with evaluating potential criminal exposure of the company and senior management.

Litigation, Agency Disputes and Alternate Dispute Resolution Procedures

Members of Our qualified’s Environmental Practice Group have successfully litigated at all levels of the federal and state court system, from state trial court to the United States Supreme Court, and our victories have established several important precedents. In addition, we have successfully litigated in agency adjudicatory proceedings, a method of enforcement that is increasingly being used by EPA.

We are also committed to and adept in alternative dispute resolution procedures. These procedures have ranged from developing consensus in complex real estate and project development matters, to binding and non-binding arbitration disputes for cleanup of contaminated sites, including a finding of a “zero share” on behalf of clients in such proceedings.

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